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Why do I have to fill out a pre-visit form?

Exfoliating skincare products can cause your skin to be more sensitive and can directly affect your results. Skin lifting, irritation or damage to your skin's protective barrier if I am not aware of what you're using in your routine prior to your appointment. I have you complete your pre-visit form before your service so I can give you a heads up on what to stop using before your service for best results!  

What is a corrective facial?

Corrective facials are used to correct a specific skin concern such as: breakouts, dryness, signs of aging or hyperpigmentation. I recommend at least 3 treatments to see best results in your skin concerns. Not only will you receive a comprehensive facial, but we will also work together to perfect your skincare regimen at home, so you see maximum benefits.

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian hair removal method in which a paste made from sugar, water and lemon is used with a gloved hand in a flicking motion, to remove hair from any area of the body.

What's the difference between sugaring and waxing?

Sugaring removes hair in the direction it grows in, waxing removes hair in the opposite direction of growth.

How long does my hair have to be to be sugared?

Your hair should be at least 1/2 inch long (Length of a grain of rice). Typically, the amount of growth after 2-3 weeks of shaving or 4 weeks since your last wax.

Will sugaring irritate my skin?

After your first-time sugaring, you may experience slight redness due to your skin not being used to the treatment. For most guests, they don't experience any irritation because the sugar paste isn't hot and is removed in the direction of the hair growth. As you continue sugaring, your skin will adjust to the sensation and any irritation will be diminished. 

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