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We put the fun in brazil(fun)...

Okay we know it's not spelt like that but, we really do our best to make brazilian sugaring as fun as possible!


Whether you want a snack before, a glass of wine or need some time to unwind and chat about whether or not mercury is in retrograde, we got you covered! 

What to expect during your appointment...

Sugaring removes your hair from the root, so you'll be completely smooth for about 2 weeks before your hair starts to grow in. You'll notice a dramatic reduction in hair growth and your appointments will span over a 4-6 week time frame.


Sugaring can lead to permanence, with consistency & proper skincare regimen at home! 

During your service, we'll use a  paste made from just sugar, water & lemon, we'll remove your hair by applying this with a gloved hand by using a molding & flicking motion. The sugar paste ball is used on you & you only (we never double dip). 

Sugaring is ideal for those with very coarse hair, sensitive skin or those who experience a lot of irritation with shaving or waxing services due to its natural ingredients and the hair being removed in the direction its grown in. 

Ready to get sugared?
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How to prepare for your appointment


Grow out your hair

Ensure that your hair is at least 1/2 of an inch long (the length of a grain of rice) typically about 2 weeks' worth of hair growth. No need to trim if it's longer than that!


Wear something comfortable

Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes to your appointment to help prevent irritation post visit. You can also bring a change of undergarments for the completion of your appointment.


Cleanse & exfoliate your skin

Gently exfoliate at least two days prior to your appointment, you can use something as gentle as a washcloth. Please shower prior to your appointment. 


Avoid sun, exercise or sexual activity. 

After your appointment, avoid friction, sweat & tight clothing for 24-48 hours to prevent ingrown hairs & irritation. 

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