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Skincare for all

We spend so much time looking at ourselves, let's work together to make sure you love your skin!

Acne Specialist 

I'm ecstatic to be partnered with Face Reality as a certified acne specialist. Face Reality is a skincare line formulated for people struggling with acne & breakouts. Through corrective facials and a proper homecare regimen, you can become clear of breakouts.  

Break up with your Breakouts $115

This is ideal for guests that have oily, acne prone skin. Our acne facial is used to help clear the skin by doing a deep cleanse of the skin, extracting any pimples or clogged pores and balancing oil present on the skin. High frequency is included as well to help speed up the healing time of breakouts.  

Face Reality Acne Bootcamp (pricing varies)

This 12-week program includes bi-weekly facials & a customized homecare regimen. Each facial will conclude with a detailed step by step regimen, product recommendations & progress check insIf interested in Acne Bootcamp, please book acne bootcamp consultation for more information. 

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Custom Facials

Our facials are tailored to your skin's unique needs. We offer customized facials and decadent add-ons, if you want to indulge & see even greater results post facial!

One of One $110

Our completely customized facial, tailored to your individual skincare needs. Double cleansing, toning, exfoliation, mask, serum, moisturizer & SPF are included. We'll discuss your current skincare regimen and any suggestions to improve your skin!

Gua Sha $15+

This Chinese technique uses a jade stone tool to aid in lymphatic drainage to help calm puffiness, help boost circulation & relieve muscle tension during your facial.

High Frequency $15+

High frequency helps oxygenate the skin and is used to assist in healing breakouts, boost collagen and calm irritation.

LED $30+

Light Enhancement is a non-invasive treatment that helps kill acne causing bacteria, stimulate collagen production, minimize the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. LED can also be used to brighten skin + alleviate texture.

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