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Image by Jason Leung

Hey boo,

I'm Bianca

What's up? I'm super excited to meet you! Listen, I know sugaring and corrective skincare can be scary as hell but, let me help you ease the nerves. I'm a consultation expert, sugaring connoisseur, skincare specialist also... a true perfectionist. I will take my time navigating through your service for every single visit and make sure you are comfortable every step of the way. I make a huge effort to get to know you personally, while having fun during the service and getting you through the service in a timely manner.   I am huge fan of reality tv, astrology and all things food, so don't be surprised if I ask you what you're watching on tv, what your zodiac sign is or if you've been to any cool restaurants lately. If you're ready to unleash your inner bad b*tch and embrace your body fully, click the link below to get started!


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Biddeford Maine Brazilian Sugaring
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