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where positive vibes & pampering are a priority

Helping you remove unwanted body hair & work on your skincare goals while connecting with you through compassion + empowerment. 

Welcome to your new skincare sanctuary!


SILK is a black LGBTQIA+ owned business, that supports equality for all. No form of racism, sexism, homophobic or transphobic comments will be tolerated in the studio. If you make comments of these nature, you will be asked to leave and not return to this establishment.

What's the tea?

These guests are raving about their experience at SILK! 

"Bianca was so amazing! I hate getting waxed and she made me feel so comfortable and so not nervous about it! We had a lovely convo and by the time I knew it, it was over with. She has the most insane attention to detail which I really respect. She said she was only done once it looked perfect! I am so happy! 

-Katie D

""Not only has Bianca helped me completely change my skin but she has also helped me be more confident in my skin. Every time I get a facial, she hypes me up so much that even though I love makeup, I don't wear any because I'm so happy with my bare skin. She's the best!

-Jamie D

"Bianca is so sweet and easy to talk to. Her studio is also cute, clean and professional. She did a great job & I would definitely recommend her for any waxing needs."

-Brynn R

Happy Portrait
Laughing Portrait

Popular Services


This is a sugaring service for guests that want to take everything off of their front bikini area. (You can choose to leave a landing strip or triangle if you'd like).  This service includes the butt strip. 

Extended Bikini

This is a sugaring service for guests that wish to remove hair on and inside of their bikini line. We can take off as much or as little as you like. 

Break up with your breakouts

This is ideal for guests that have oily, acne prone skin. Our acne facial is used to help clear the skin by doing a deep cleanse of the skin, extracting any pimples or clogged pores and balancing oil present on the skin. High frequency is included as well to help speed up the healing time of breakouts.  

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